• Question: How hard is to be a female engineer?

    Asked by Slytherin Queen to Ms.Mathew on 12 Nov 2017.
    • Photo: Diana Mathew

      Diana Mathew answered on 12 Nov 2017:

      Hmm… its difficult to give a straight answer. Sometimes its easier to get things done because you are the odd one out but in some other occasions you get unfair treatment and condescending remarks. As an example of the positives, when i was a research student, if i had to borrow tools from the workshop, i found it easier and quicker compared to my male counterparts – could be because, as a female, people trust you more to return things in good condition and on time 🙂
      I would say it depends on the sector you choose and your work environment. In my job, I haven’t found things difficult being a female engineer but an engineer who does a lot of outdoor/field work might have a different opinion.