• Question: Can you give an example of a time you’ve combined practical and technical ability in a project?

    Asked by SPT :) to Matt, Josh, Jo, Carson on 17 Nov 2017.
    • Photo: Carson Vogt

      Carson Vogt answered on 17 Nov 2017:

      Sure. During my undergraduate education, I worked with a group called ADT, AeroDesign Team, and we designed and built small-scale planes to compete in a worldwide competition. Prior to my undergrad education, I grew up on a ranch with most of my practical knowledge coming from working on cars. Now, this is kinda a small example, but it gets the point across. We were making wheels out of Kevlar and rapping them in a makeshift rubber o-ring. Not a big deal. Except, it was time consuming putting epoxy around the wheel and waiting for it to dry. To get past that, I used some CA (cryanoacrylate) at one end of the o-ring, sprayed it with an accelerator to dry it immediately, laid down some epoxy, wrapped the rubber around the wheel, then used CA at the other end to secure it. Done. No more waiting for epoxy to dry 🙂